Homeowner Associations


 At Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning,  we have extensive experience working with Homeowners Associations, or HOAs, in the High Desert area. Our specialty services include installation, maintenance  and repairs for HVAC systems that are a part of HOAs. Not every HVAC  company is equipped to meet your needs as an organization, but we have  the experience, necessary, to get the job done. We recognize the issues  that HOAs face in Hesperia and the High Desert region, and we are  committed to providing you with the type of quality service that you  expect and require. We know that you are in a unique position which  requires you to meet the needs not only of your organization but also of  your residents. If your HOA is planning an improvement project  for your community, we recognize that you will need proposals for the  plans. We specialize in providing clear, well-written and understandable  proposals for these projects. All pricing quotes are made very clear in  order for every member of the HOA board to understand the proposal and  how much it will cost. Other companies may try to sneak in hidden fees  that will surprise board members after the contract has been approved,  but at Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning  we feel that honesty  and transparency are the best way to go. When your HOA chooses to work with Apple Valley Heating & Air  Conditioning, we make a commitment to make the process as easy and  convenient as possible for your residents. In order to prevent the board  from having to do more paperwork and organization, Apple Valley Heating  & Air Conditioning  works directly with association residents to  schedule the necessary appointments. We recognize that everyone has a  different schedule, and we work around the residents’ schedule — we do  not force your residents to work around our schedule. All work completed by Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning  is  done within the constraints of the responsibilities of both the  association and the residents. Once the work is completed, we will  provide you with the documentation and accounting information that you  require. Our experience with HOAs means that we know what needs to be  done, and we know the importance of getting it  finished, correctly. We  look forward to working with your association and your residents for  your upcoming HVAC projects. 

New Construction


 New construction HVAC systems require special care and consideration,  and not every HVAC company has the experience or necessary knowledge to  complete these projects. At Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning,  we have worked with many different construction companies and  contractors on developing HVAC systems for new homes in Victorville and  the High Desert region. Our company is equipped to meet your needs with  not only the proper tools but also the man-power and financial resources  that are necessary. As experts in the HVAC industry, we can provide the following services:  

  • We will create an HVAC system concept that works for your specific  architectural plans. We will review and evaluate your plans and make any  suggestions that might be necessary to provide a better framework for  the HVAC system.
  • We will prepare a written estimate for the project and develop a budget.
  • Our design experts will provide you with CAD drawings that lay out the specifications for the HVAC system.
  • We will help you start up the HVAC system and provide on-going maintenance for the system as necessary throughout the construction process.
  • We will work the city inspectors in Victorville and the High Desert  region to make sure that our HVAC system that we have designed and  installed is up to code with the latest ordinances and municipal  requirements.

At Apple Valley Heating & Cooling, we are fully-licensed to work  as a contracting company along with your new construction company. We  pride ourselves on our ability to complete projects on time and on  budget. We will tailor our portion of the project to meet your  scheduling needs and make the installation  of the HVAC systems in homes as convenient as possible. Our goal is to  make sure that you are able to finish the home you are building quickly  and easily, without interruption from us and our team members. We do not  want to be responsible for any delays or aggravation. At the end of the  day, we want to make sure that both you and the future homeowner are satisfied with the finished product. 

Whole House Air Purification


 Sometimes, everybody needs a fresh start and a good deep cleaning. This includes your home or business.  Many people don’t think of it this way, but the fact of the matter is  your HVAC system and its components are the lungs of the location. It  brings air from the outside into the home, conditions it to be warm or  cold and then recirculates that air throughout the year. This means  that, over the course of time, dust, dander and other particles collect  in the system and can cause respiratory issues and allergy issues for  people who are present in the location. At Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend that businesses and homes  in Victorville and the entire High Desert region have a Whole House Air  Purification System installed. This system updates old equipment so  that it runs more efficiently and works to purify the air at the same  time. This system is designed to prevent the build up of dust,  dander, hair particles and mold in the HVAC system itself. While duct  cleaning should still be performed on a regular basis, these systems are  designed to minimize the amount of build up that might occur in an old,  out-of-date system. The Whole House Air Purification System includes state-of-the-art air  filters that are designed to maximize efficiency while still keeping  the air clean in your home or place of business. These filters not only  help the average person, but they are especially beneficial to people  who are sensitive to dust and mold. In addition to the premier air  filters, our purification system also includes Ultra-Violet lights that  have the capability of killing off germs, yeast, mold and harmful  bacteria. The components of this system work together to provide you  with a home or business that has the most pure air possible. It keeps  your friends, family members and employees safe and comfortable when  they are present. To find out more information about what a Whole House Air  Purification System can do for you and to get an estimate on this  system, contact us at Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning  today. 

Service Calls


 Whether you are in the depths of winter or the dog days of summer, if your air conditioning unit or furnace is not operating properly you want it fixed as quickly as possible. At Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning,  we recognize the integral role that your HVAC unit plays in the comfort  and safety of your home. Our service calls are a top priority, and we  are committed to providing our customers in Hesperia and the High Desert  region with the quickest response time. When you contact Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, you  will find that scheduling a service call appointment time is easy and  flexible. When we set a time with you, we stick to it. We recognize the  importance of your time and will arrive on time and ready to work. In  the event of an emergency service call, we make it a point to get to  your home or business as quickly as possible. We also have a great respect for our customers’ homes, and we will handle your property  as if it were our own. When we leave your property at the end of the  service call, we leave it clean and tidy, so there is not any extra work  for you. Our team members are known for being able to provide an accurate  diagnosis and quick repair. All of our job work is guaranteed so you  won’t have to worry that the same problem is going to happen within a  matter of a few days. We pride ourselves on our fair and reasonable  repair prices. Other companies might try and take advantage of the  situation, knowing that you will go to considerable lengths to get your  HVAC system repaired. We have more respect for our customers, and we  understand that a repair is typically an unexpected expense that can be  quite frustrating. We work to keep our prices low without compromising  on the quality of our service. If you are in Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia, or the surrounding areas and are in need of a heating or cooling repair, contact us today.