Central Heating & Air Install

Should I buy the most powerful air conditioning system that I can afford?

 The effectiveness of an air conditioning system during the most  demanding weather conditions is measured by the Seasonal Energy  Efficiency Ratio (SEER). It’s not always to your advantage to select the  biggest unit or the one with the highest SEER rating. When recommending  a unit, we’ll take into consideration the size of your home, your  budget and our weather. 

I already have central heating. Can I add central air conditioning?

 Central heating and air conditioning systems use the same air ducts and  must work together compatibly. While it’s desirable to install them at  the same time, it’s quite likely that you can add central air  conditioning at a later time. We are experienced at this type of installation and will be happy to help you with it. 

Can I install central heating and air even after my home has been built?

 It will depend on the layout of your home but most often, yes! Call us  for a Free Estimate and we will give you a definite answer. 

Can I save on energy bills by replacing my old system?

 Yes! Newer air conditioners and furnaces, marked with the logo Energy  Star logo are significantly more energy efficient than older models. For  example, today’s furnaces use an electronic ignition, replacing pilot  lights that burn continuously whether needed or not. Energy Star air  conditioners and furnaces save energy, reduce pollution and save you  money. 


How are heating and cooling zones created?

 Warm air and cool air are delivered throughout your home in air ducts.  Using a damper, like the ones in chimneys, the air system opens and  shuts ducting so that the warm or cool air is focused in the parts of  the home where it’s needed. Simply by setting the thermostat, the  dampers will open and close as needed. 

If I already have a central heating and air system, can you create Zoning in my home?

 Yes! Give us a call and we can give you an estimate. 

Heat Pumps for Energy Savings

Will heat pumps Save Energy in my home?

 Heat Pumps offer the most significant energy savings where:  

  • Natural gas is not available as a fuel,
  • Winter temperatures are mild, and
  • The home is well-insulated.

If natural gas is available to you, we will probably recommend a conventional air conditioning and furnace system. But if your home is served by fuel-oil or electricity, a Heat Pump may be a major energy-saver. 

Will I also need a conventional central heater if I install a Heat Pump?

 Yes, though your primary source of heat will be the Heat Pump. When  temperatures dip towards freezing, a conventional electric heater will  be needed to supplement the Heat Pump. In summer, however, the Heat Pump  will be able to supply all your cooling. 

How does a Heat Pump work?

Just like conventional air conditioning, in the summer a Heat Pump draws  heat from indoors and rejects it to the outdoors. In winter, the  direction of the air flow in a Heat Pump can be reversed. In winter, the  Heat Pump draws heat from the outdoors and brings it into your home. 


Can I fix it myself?

 You can do some quick checks to see if it’s something that you can  handle immediately. If the system isn’t running at all, check the  setting on the thermostat.  

  • Is it set for cooler than room temperature so that it will trigger the air conditioner?
  • Is it set for warmer than room temperature so that it will trigger the furnace?
  • Has a fuse blown or breaker flipped off?

If these checks didn’t allow you to fix the problem, or if the system  is running weakly or making strange noises, it’s time to call a  professional. 

Should I repair my old air conditioner/furnace or replace it?

 With a minor malfunction, this may not be an issue. But if the repair  needed is significant and your unit is older, you may actually save money by buying a new energy-efficient unit. We can make a recommendation based on the remaining life in your unit. 

We are experts at both repair and installation and will be happy to  provide you with whichever service that you decide on. If your heating  and air system isn’t functioning optimally, call us today


My unit is blowing hot air suddenly, why?

Hot air coming from an A/C unit could be a number of different things, however if you are enrolled in Southern California Edison's "summer discount plan" they can shut off the ac unit to where it will blow hot air when turned on instead of cool air during hot days.  

Many home owners are unaware that they even participate in the program and end up paying unnecessary service calls. If you are participating in the program you will find a little box attached to your unit, similar to this one shown. Click HERE to check for previous and current outages.