Duct Cleaning


  The residents in your apartment  complex are complaining about sneezing and seasonal allergies. You have  even heard of several people being frustrated by the number of asthma  attacks they have while living in your properties. If this is happening  to you, it might be time to look into air duct cleaning. At Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide air duct cleaning services to businesses and commercial  properties in Hesperia and the entire High Desert region. Sometimes, it  has been decades since people have had their HVAC systems’ ducts  cleaned, and are shocked to find out just how much dust has collected  over the course of time. Throughout the year, as your HVAC system works to keep your business  cool and your properties warm, air passes through the ducts. As this air  moves through the system, it is inevitable that dust, dander and hair  will collect in the ducts. This settles and accumulates, and eventually  it is recirculated throughout the entire system. Many times, the dust  and dander that is being recirculated are the cause of people’s  allergies, difficulty breathing and persistent stuffy noses. The air  ducts make a wonderful home for not-so-welcome residents like bacteria,  dust mites, fungus and mold. These organisms, which love a nice, dark  place to stay, can fuel allergic reactions in many people. The professionals who work at Apple Valley Heating & Air  Conditioning are trained to expertly clean your air ducts according to  the established industry standards. We closely follow the guidelines  that are set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency when  it comes to cleaning every component of your commercial HVAC system. We  often take the time to clean the entire system when we are working on  your ducts, because if the entire system isn’t cleaned, there is a  potential for instant re-contamination and all of your efforts will be  for naught. Contact  Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning  today for a duct cleaning  estimate. We promise to provide you a competitive price quote as well as  expert services that you won’t find anywhere else in the High Desert  region. Whether you run an apartment complex, a business or manage  commercial properties, it is important to have your air ducts cleaned on  a regular basis.