Apartments & Condominiums


 At Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning,  we have extensive experience working with apartment complexes and  condominiums in Victorville and throughout the High Desert. Not every  HVAC company is comfortable working with apartments and condominiums,  which can be frustrating for those who manage these properties. This is  not the case at Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning — we welcome  your call and look forward to serving you. We recognize that management at apartment complexes and condominiums have a unique relationship between the owners of the property  and the tenants who live there. We are committed to providing you with  HVAC servicing that meets the needs of your budget while still keeping  the tenants comfortable during the summer and winter months. We provide  the following services for apartment complexes and condominiums in the  High Desert: HVAC Repair
HVAC repairs come at the most inconvenient times, and we recognize that  your tenants will want their air conditioning and heat back as quickly  as possible. In the event of a repair, our service members are committed  to providing you with same-day service. We guarantee we will respond as  quickly as possible, providing you with the excellent service we are  known for in the community. We are committed to keeping our costs  reasonable and understanding the unique budget needs of apartments and  condominiums. HVAC Installation
We can provide new construction complexes undergoing remodels with  complete installation of HVAC systems for individual units. Our  installation process gives you complete control, allowing you to pick  the type of HVAC systems that meet your needs and your budget. We work  with you from start to finish on the installation process. HVAC Maintenance
Apartment complexes and condominiums are welcome to set up maintenance  contracts with us. These contracts provide you with routine maintenance  appointments that help to prevent unexpected repairs in the future as  well as extend the lifetime of your HVAC system. To find out more information about the services we can provide for  you and to create a customized contract that meets your needs, contact us  today. We will be happy to schedule a consultation appointment with you  and provide you with an estimate for our services. We look forward to  working with you. 

Commercial & Industrial HVAC


 Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning   is committed to providing the best commercial and industrial HVAC  service in the High Desert region. Whether you run a restaurant in Apple  Valley, manage an apartment  complex in Hesperia or you own commercial properties throughout the  region, we recognize that you need your HVAC system running properly at  all times. Any downtime can cost you money, and we recognize this fact.  We are committed to providing you with prompt service and quick repair  when necessary so that you can continue on with the important work of  running your business. You can always rely on us, to get your business  up and running again as quickly as possible. If your commercial property  or business is in need of a new and updated system, you can count on  the professionals at Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning  to  provide you with the most energy efficient units available today. Our  HVAC systems are designed to provide our clients with complete  customized control. This means that you will be able to heat one area of  your business when you need to while at the same time keeping another  portion cool if necessary. You will find that efficiency is maximized,  and your overhead costs are minimized, literally providing you with the  best of both worlds. In addition to providing the best HVAC equipment and repair service, we also offer annual maintenance  contracts to our commercial clients. An annual appointment with one of  our HVAC specialists will ensure that your unit is running properly and  efficiently. This often helps avoid future unscheduled maintenance  appointments and ultimately increases the lifespan of the system. These  contracts are designed to be affordable and to help our commercial and  industrial clients avoid expensive repairs in the future. To find out more information about our commercial and industry HVAC systems and maintenance contracts, contact  our offices today. We are familiar with equipment from all business  types, from restaurant equipment to industrial building equipment. We  look forward to working with you and providing you with the best HVAC  system possible at the lowest cost. Set up your consultation appointment  today. 

Property Management


 At Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning,  we have experience working with property managers in Apple Valley and  the entire High Desert region. We recognize that property managers have  specific needs, and we understand the relationship between management  companies, tenants and owners. As the top HVAC experts in the area, both  residential and commercial property managers have long relied on our services, to keep their systems running properly and their tenants happy. We provide the following services for the property managers who contract with us: HVAC Installations
We recognize that property managers have a variety of different installation  needs. Whether you are in the middle of new construction or want to do a  remodel of your property, we can provide you with the best HVAC  installation services. We are committed to providing you with the  highest quality systems that fit within your budget. We provide  cost-effective options for all of your property managers. HVAC Maintenance
We can create a customized maintenance program for you. Whether you are  interested in scheduling maintenance twice per year or you would like to  have our professionals come out once a month for routine maintenance,  we can develop a plan that fits both your schedule and your budget. It’s  important to remember that scheduled maintenance helps avoid costly and  inconvenient unscheduled repairs in the future, so many of our property  managers take advantage of our maintenance contracts. HVAC Service
If the HVAC system at your property is in need of repair, we are  committed to providing you with quick and reliable service. Our goal is  to give all of our property managers a same-day service guarantee, so  that your HVAC system will be back in operation quickly. Our service  members receive the best training so that they can give you an accurate  diagnosis and a quick, reliable repair. If you are a property manager or a management company looking for a quality HVAC contractor, please take the time to contact us  today. We would be happy to set up a consultation appointment with you  and provide you with an estimate for our services. We look forward to  developing a relationship with your company and providing you with the best HVAC servicing in the area.