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HumidifierEspecially during the winter months, the air in your home or business can become very dry. Rooms that have less than 30 percent relative humidity are often quite uncomfortable, with people complaining of static hair, dry skin and difficulty breathing. Sometimes, low humidity and dry air can even trigger an asthma attack. Dry air is also the culprit of nose bleeds and can lead to infection. In addition to making the room quite uncomfortable for the people who occupy it, dry air can also damage the structure of the room itself. It can cause the wood paneling, furniture and wood instruments to crack. It can even make an expensive piano become out of tune.

If you are concerned about the humidity levels in your home, especially during the winter months, you should contact us at Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning to find out more information about whole house humidifiers. Whole house humidifiers are extremely beneficial for people who live in Hesperia and throughout the High Desert region. This is an integral part of the entire HVAC system, providing you and your property the moisture you need to live comfortably. With a whole house humidifier, you will notice your skin looks younger and feels softer, the wood furniture looks beautiful, and the climate in your home is more comfortable.

In addition to all of these benefits, a whole house humidifier can also provide you with energy savings particularly during the winter months. As humidified air is warmer, your furnace will not have to work as hard or be set as high in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or business. This will help you save money each month on your energy bills.

At Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, we both install and repair whole house humidifiers. If you feel as a whole house humidifier would be a worthwhile addition to your HVAC system, contact us today. We would be happy to come out and provide you with an estimate for our services. Before you know it, your home or business will be comfortable once again.